Road Arrow in the time of coronavirus

Due to a pandemic situation caused by coronavirus covid-19 in oru country and the whole world, we regret to inform you that the competitions that the Road Arrow team was supposed to participate in have been canceled.

Most Formula Student competitions across Europe have been canceled. These include the Formula Student competition in Germany scheduled for August 17-23, as well as the Formula Student East competition in Hungary, scheduled for Аugust 4-9. The possibility of holding an online competition in static disciplines is still being considered.

“We really hope the pandemic situation will disappear until August, but the preparation shall happen right now, during the crisis. These activities have to be stopped immediately, and every student shall focus on their own – and their families’ and friends’ health. Even if you are able to access your workshop, we urge you not to do so! Building a Formula Student racecar means a lot of sacrifices, but right now all your time and effort should be used to protect yourselves and those around you. Take care of yourselves and each other! Stay home and stay safe!” says Formula Student East organizators from Hungary. 

The faculties are closed and all meetings take place on the online platforms that members access from the warmth of their homes, following the recommendations and measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The whole team is very much looking forward to continuing to work on both vehicles once the situation is over. We are very keen to show you the vehicles we have been actively working on all season and we hope that in the end we will succeed. Until then, we want you to stay safe and follow the advice of experts.