New members recruitment

The Tenfore Road Arrow team announces recruitment of new members for its tenth anniversary season.

The Formula Student Team of the University of Belgrade is an innovative project that is being worked on by students from 9 different faculties, who in the previous season had the opportunity to come across the practical application of knowledge acquired during their education. Thanks to the good technical equipment of the team itself, students will be able to learn the use of different technologies, tools and skills that will help them in their future professional careers. With the help of numerous training programs used to design and project the formula, students will be able to gain new knowledge but also to upgrade existing ones.

The new car, and the students themselves, compete in international Formula Student competitions every season, held in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and other European countries in competition with more than 600 universities from around the world.

The eight vehicles and 19 competitions so far say a lot about the commitment, ambition and persistence that one such project continues to progress and achieve even better results every season.

Most students, as every year, are expected from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, but also from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which will play an important role in the construction of the next vehicle in the 2020 season. Students from the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Organizational sciences, Architecture will also participate in the project. In the Marketing and Sponsorships team they will have the opportunity to learn business plan writing, public speaking and communication skills. Students from the Faculty of Mathematics, Military Academy, also students  from The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy will learn about 3D modeling and apply their knowledge to the latest technology. The admission requirement is a minimum of three years of college, or a second one, for junior membership.

The competition is open until October 13, and more information can be found on our website at