Team “Tenfore Road Arrow” announces a recruitment of new members, along with the big news: the project of electric vehicle is founded for the first time!

The Student Technical Competition, whose first project began in 2010 under the title “Road Arrow”, will set up another team this year, which will design and produce electric vehicle. The new team was founded by the former members of the “Tenfore Road Arrow”, and their goal is to link the knowledge and experience from the previous project with the fresh ideas of new members. This way, under the auspices of STT, two formulas will be presented, one with the combustion engine, and one with the electric drive, for the first time in Serbia.

As every year, students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are expected to play a significant role in the project, along with the students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, who will mostly contribute to the project of electric formula. All students from Belgrade University who meet the requirements of the recruitment are welcome, and you can find more information on this page.

The recruitment is open from 17 to 31 October 2018.