In the 2020 season, the team counts more than 100 students, from 8 Faculties from the University of Belgrade. These are the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Law, Military Academy, Faculty of Organizational Sciences.


It means being part of a team, being tasked with jobs and goals, to learn about previous achievements and listen to all the advice and criticism and then come out with new ideas and plans and make certain improvements. Regardless of which team you are part of, everyone has a common goal, and help and teach each other. For the new members to get acquainted with the project, educational meetings and tests are held. Tenfore Road Arrow offers a lot, but it is also very demanding and students are asked for their time and full commitment. However, all the effort in the end translate into a priceless experience which all members take with them and it means a lot in their careers.

drumska strela 2017, formula student, timska odeca



  • Petar Savić
    Petar Savić


Project leader

Dušan Opsenica

Dušan Opsenica

Subteam leaders

Subteam members

  • Uroš Mitrović
    Uroš Mitrović
  • Petar Vuleta
    Petar Vuleta

Subteam members

  • Nemanja Stojanović
    Nemanja Stojanović
  • Adrijan Peković
    Adrijan Peković
  • Aleksandar Krstić
    Aleksandar Krstić
  • Momčilo Šiljegović
    Momčilo Šiljegović
  • Uroš Matić
    Uroš Matić
  • Miloš Mitrović
    Miloš Mitrović
  • Milan Đurić
    Milan Đurić
  • Ognjen Radićević
    Ognjen Radićević
  • Milan Janković
    Milan Janković
  • Milica Pešić
    Milica Pešić
  • Uroš Stanojčić
    Uroš Stanojčić
  • David Radlović
    David Radlović
  • Anđela Rakićević
    Anđela Rakićević
  • Nikola Matić
    Nikola Matić
  • Uroš Četnik
    Uroš Četnik
  • Marko Ćurčin
    Marko Ćurčin
  • Nikola Ćosić
    Nikola Ćosić
  • Aleksa Mitrović
    Aleksa Mitrović

Subteam members


  • David Popvić
    David Popvić
  • Nikola Todorović
    Nikola Todorović


  • Marta Avramović
    Marta Avramović
  • Nikola Milenić
    Nikola Milenić
  • Mirjana Radosavljević
    Mirjana Radosavljević
  • Mihailo Žarković
    Mihailo Žarković
  • Uroš Popović
    Uroš Popović


  • Marija Marinković
    Marija Marinković
  • Petar Bošković
    Petar Bošković
  • Ana Petrović
    Ana Petrović
  • Petar Luković
    Petar Luković


Natalija Đokić

Natalija Đokić


  • Aleksa Đorđiev
    Aleksa Đorđiev
  • Tatjana Đuričić
    Tatjana Đuričić
  • Nataša Šormaz
    Nataša Šormaz
  • Marija Milićević
    Marija Milićević
  • Marija Micić
    Marija Micić
  • Simo Denić
    Simo Denić