fsra 2012

After the team dedicated a whole season to creating the conceptual design of the vehicle, and after winning the 3rd place for it in the competition in Silverstone, UK, they’ve started making the first formula. Not even a whole year have passed from creating the concept to the first testing of the vehicle. “Road Arrow 2012” laid the foundation for all the vehicles to come: vehicle with steel, chassis construction, power engine from motorcycle Yamaha YZF R6. When it comes to design, colors for the formula where inspired with the Serbian flag: white body work with red and blue details.


Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)


Top speed (km/h)


Vehicle mass (kg)

Working engine displacement: 599 ccm

Restrictor diameter on intake manifold: 20 mm

Maximum effective power: 47 kW (64 KS) at 13.000 RPM

Maximum torque: 45 Nm at 9.000 RPM

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4,9 s

Top speed: 116 km/h

Transmission: 6 gears, sequential, electronic actuation

Vehicle mass: 308 kg

Chassis, AISI 304 steel

Body work composite with glass fibers

Wheelbase: 1600 mm

Rear track: 1250 mm

Front track: 1300 mm

Rims 7×13˝ aluminium

FSRA 2013