FSRA 2022

The Road Arrow is now electric! This season, the team left behind 9 unforgettable vehicles with ICE engines, and dedicated itself to the development of its first electric vehicle. FSRAE2022 is adorned with an asymmetric monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber, 4 electric motors, each with a planetary gear wheel as well as a maximum voltage battery of 588V. With the knowledge and skills of the team members, we qualified for the first time for 4 competitions in Europe. The Road Arrow team will proudly defend the colors of Serbia, at competitions in Croatia, Hungary, the Netherlands and the most prestigious Formula Student competition in Germany, with its first electric vehicle.


Acceleration 0-100(km/h)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Maximum revs (rpm)

Maximum effective power: 80 kW (109 KS) 

Maximum torque: 230 Nm per wheel

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.0 s

Top speed: 105 km/h

Transmission : 1 gear, planetary gear

Carbon monocoque chassis 

Body work: composite carbon fibre

Maximum revs: 19 000 rpm

Battery voltage: 588V

Battery capacity: 5.88Kwh