Formula Student team “Road Arrow” presents it’s seventh vehicle on Monday, June 11th at 6PM, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade.

Every year, at the rollout, except team members, their families and friends, there are team sponsors and representatives of state institutions present. We hope that the interest in this event, that is very important part of the season, will be huge this year as well. Everyone present will have an opportunity to get familiar with the project, to hear from the team members and to see how does formula manufacturing look like, and of course a privilege to be among the first people that will have a look at Road Arrow 2018.

This season, as in the previous ones, each member invested a great deal of his/her time in the manufacturing of the new vehicle, and numerous innovations that are part of this year’s formula are the best proof of above mentioned.

Except on the new engineering solutions, team worked hard on the upgrading team functioning and work organisation, and that will be the base for further development and expansion.

There are to world class competitions ahead of the team, that this year counts 50 members from 8 different faculties from the University of Belgrade – in Italy and in Czech Republic. So the work on the vehicle, testings and perfecting will continue and after the rollout, all in favor to make the best possible results at the incoming competitions.

Everyone that is interested in expressing it’s support for the Road Arrow team before the challenges ahead and wants to be the first one to see our latest (and the most modern) vehicle is welcome on June 11th at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. We’re expecting you!