fsra 2015

The youngest team by then made the best result, setting the record in the most demanding discipline – the endurance race. The fourth place at the Autodrom Most the team won with the Road Arrow 2015. Reliable, aerodynamic and fast – this formula was favorite among the drivers. Suspension and control was significantly improved, and this has made driving much more pleasant experience.

After the team from the previous season designed and manufactured the first aero package, in 2015 students made a 1:18 scale model of the vehicle and tested it in the wind tunnel. Aero package got the design that stayed on the formula in the seasons to come, and that turned out to be very successful. That was also the first testing of the race vehicle in the wind tunnel in Serbia. Another part of the history of auto-moto sport in Serbia was written by the “Road Arrow” team.


Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)


Top speed (km/h)


Vehicle mass (kg)

Working engine displacement: 599 ccm

Restrictor diameter on intake manifold: 20 mm

Maximum effective power: 53 kW (72 KS) at 10.500 RPM

Maximum torque: 55 Nm at 8.000 RPM

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4,0 s

Top speed: 130 km/h

Transmission: 6 gears, sequential, electronic actuation

Vehicle mass: 250 kg

Chassis, AISI 304 steel

Body work composite with glass fibers

Wheelbase: 1550 mm

Rear track: 1150 mm

Front track: 1200 mm

Rims 7×13˝ aluminium

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