Partnership evening on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The first Serbian Formula Student Team, Tenfore Road Arrow, celebrated its eighth birthday. The ceremony took place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The celebration was attended by numerous distinguished guests, representatives of the University of Belgrade, as well as the Universities of Banja Luka and Kosovska Mitrovica, sponsors and friends of the team, as well as many current and former members.

At the beginning of the evening, Prof. Dr. Radivoje Mitrovic, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, welcomed numerous officials, emphasizing that the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been home to the Tenfore Road Arrow team since the beginning of this project. On this occasion, he expressed his pride of the numerous students who, as members of the team, represented the University of Belgrade in the best light, as well as the significance of a project such as this one in which students have the opportunity to knowledge acquired at their home faculties apply in the making of a real, but a very complex product.

After the dean, Miljana Stojanovic, the team leader from the previous season, addressed the participants. She pointed out that the goals set by the team before the start of the previous season were successfully fulfilled and that the team achieved really outstanding success in the competitions in Italy and the Czech Republic. The reliability of the vehicle on which the team worked during the entire season contributed to the completion of all disciplines at both competitions. The innovations that the students introduced put the team into the very top of the world teams and resulted in sixth place in the skidpad in Italy, and fifth place in the toughest discipline – a race of endurance in the Czech Republic.

Presenting the plans for the coming season, Lazar Stojnic, the new team leader for the C vehicle, as the biggest novelty, highlighted the launch of the Electro Formula project. This will be the first electric vehicle made in our region, and therefore a great challenge for all team members. Lazar took the opportunity to introduce everyone and showcase the organization’s plans of Tenfore Road Arrow for the following period, as well as how different the structure will be of the newly formed team from the previous one.

Nikola Novakovic, a student of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, is presented as the leader of the new team for the electric vehicle. In previous two seasons, he was a member of the subteam in charge of electronics. On this occasion, Nikola presented a two-year plan for a new vehicle. According to the plan in the first year the electric team will compete in class II with the concept, while for the 2020 season the production of a vehicle has been announced. He emphasized the importance of support from sponsors when entering a serious and financially demanding project such as the production of an electro formula.

As in the previous season, the mentor of the C team will be Prof. Dr. Marko Milos. He once again highlighted the honor of being a mentor of a team of young people who are not afraid of challenges and who find ways to overcome all the obstacles that are set before them, who with their dedication and devotion move the borders every year more and more. In the end, Professor Milos expressed great gratitude to all sponsors and people who procided resources and helped see this project and its presentation through.

At the end of the ceremony, all present sponsors and project friends were greeted, among which are the General Sponsor – Tenfore Payments Institution, the Ministry of Education and Science, University of Belgrade, headed by the Mechanical, Technological and Metallurgical, Electrical and Economic faculties, then the 3D Republic, the Orelj tool shop, Laboratory CIAH, AMSS, Kroma LTD, Teknoxgroup, Mercedes Benz as well as many others.