Priprema za takmicenja

Preparations for qualifications for European competitions

Team members are diligently preparing for testings, which outcome will qualify us for some of the seven contests of the season!

As January is known as the month for learning the FS Rule Book, which contains technical requirements, technical regulations, as well as static and dynamic disciplines, team members besides faculty exams are preparing for the upcoming tests.

Tim za bodove
Points calculation

During the last week, January 24, test quiz was held for the competition in Spain, where Road Arrow members have shown required knowledge, and the test was some sort of preparation for the next, all day long testing.

On Friday, January 31 starting at 11 a.m., there will be tests to qualify for competitions in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Germany, and the Czech Republic, and members will need to answer precisely a number of questions in the field of mechanics, mechanical elements, resistance of materials and construction.

Elektronika spremanje
Electronics team

As electronics and propulsion are one of the most important segments of an electric vehicle, team members will be answering questions related to the network calculations.

After the tests are completed, ranking is based on the percentage of correct answers and the time required to complete the test, and only a few of the most successful teams will qualify for the competitions!

Already at the beginning of February, after preliminary results, it will be known in what competitions the Road Arrow will participate.