poziv na predstavljanje novog vozila drumske strele 2019, fsra2019


Formula Student team Tenfore Road Arrow will present a new formula on Monday, June 24th at 6 pm, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade. Road Arrow 2019 is the eighth vehicle designed and constructed by a team of students from nine faculties of the University of Belgrade.

Visitors will have a privilege to be among the first people that will have a look at Road Arrow 2019, but also to find out about the path from the idea to the self-made race car. Team Tenfore Road Arrow will present what it takes to be a part of the largest and most demanding student project, which aims to educate and develop young enthusiasts through a year of constant learning, team work and problem solving.

This season, as in the previous ones, each member invested a great deal of their time in the manufacturing of the new vehicle, and numerous innovations that are part of this years formula are the best proof of the above mentioned.

All subsystems for the season 2019 are technically advanced. A brand new aero package, an optimized chassis design, a more modern concept of suspension, and numerous innovations of electronics and sensors are just some of the improvements that will provide better performance of the vehicle on the track.

Every year, Tenfore Road Arrow team’s ambitions and desires for success grow, and this season formula will feature at three prestigious Formula Student competitions, in Netherlands, Hungary and Italy. After the rollout, the vehicle will be prepared for the competition and final tests on the track.

Everyone that is interested in expressing their support for our team and wants to be the first one to see our latest vehicle is welcome on June 24th at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. We’re expecting you!